Pricing that doesn’t suck.

It’s pretty straight-forward. Once the project is complete, I will get 15% of any sales generated from whatever I worked on (max $2,000).

*For the SMS Package, an existing Shopify merch store is required.

Pricing FAQs

How exactly does the 15% thing work?

Let’s say I only built your Shopify merch store (no SMS) and we publish it on November 1.

Now, fast forward to December 1, and let’s say you’ve generated $10,000 in store sales since Nov. 1.

I would invoice you for $1,500 and then wait until January 1 to invoice you 15% of December’s sales.

I would continue to do this until my cut hits I’ve made $2,000, and then while you continue to make it rain, I won’t charge you any more.

Why not just charge a flat fee?

Two reasons.

1) I don’t believe I deserve to make money if you don’t. There, I said it.

2) Alot of creators just can’t fork over a few grand like that. Maybe you’ve done a few brand deals, but in terms of earning a living off of your content, that’s why you’re coming to me in the first place! This way, you only pay me when you can actually afford it.

What if I just want SMS?

If that’s the case, then I’ll just build your SMS campaigns using a tool called Postscript. Postscript allows me to see exactly how much revenue you earned just through SMS.

For example, let’s say during one month, your store makes $5,000 in sales and only $2,000 of those sales came from SMS. I would bill you $300 for that month, as opposed to $750.

Can you build me an SMS campaign if I don’t have a Shopify store?

Unfortunately, no… the reason is because Postscript integrates so closely with Shopify that it allows me to create powerful funnels and cross-sells that I can’t do elsewhere.

Basically, you’ll make more money if we stick to Shopify.

That said, if your existing merch site is hosted on a different e-commerce platform (like BigCommerce), feel free to mention that in the signup form… we can make it work with SMSBump or a different tool 🙂

Why stop at $2,000?

To keep it real, I want to give you peace of mind that once you’ve done 13ish grand in sales, you don’t have to worry about giving me a cut anymore.

That said, this is also a business, so if there’s enough demand, I might raise my threshold to $3,000. If you sign up before I change the prices, I’ll still only charge up to $2,000.

Ball's in your court.